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Antique Peugeot coffee mills

Peugeot: 200 Years Of Technical Innovation The family Peugeot has been making things for the past 200 years now, starting with founding father Jean-Pierre Peugeot 1734-1814 age 80. He established a grain mill an oil mill as well as a … Continue reading

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20th Century Food (part 4)

20th Century Food (part 4) Ordinary people ate better food in the 20th century. In 1900 some families sat down to a meal of a plate of potatoes and malnutrition was common among poor children. Food was also expensive. In … Continue reading

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Best Countries for Coffee

Best Countries for Coffee Cuba, Ethiopia, Colombia, Austria, Brazil, Arabica. The coffee plant is an evergreen shrub, classified under the genus Coffea, and part of the botanical family Rubiaceae. There are several species of Coffee, the finest quality being Arabica, … Continue reading

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