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The European discovery of America

The European discovery of America opened possibilities for those with eyes to see. But Columbus was not one of them The Spanish reaction to the Arawaks was Western civilization’s reaction to the barbarian: the Arawaks answered the Europeans’ description of … Continue reading

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The Genome Revolution

The Genome Revolution The American melting pot began to swirl almost as soon as Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492. European colonists, their African slaves, and the indigenous Americans were from populations whose ancestors had been isolated from each other for … Continue reading

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Ernest Urtasun Domenech

Ernest Urtasun Domenech 1982 age 37 (part1) Member of the European Parliament. He is a Spanish politician, diplomat, and economist. He earned a degree in Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, followed by a postgraduate degree in international relations … Continue reading

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Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon

Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon (1475-1526) age 51 A Spanish conquistador and explorer who tried to start a colony in North America in 1526. He was the first European colonizer of what is now South Carolina. His attempt to settle the … Continue reading

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